Startup Intake

Intake to The Hub
On November 10, 2018, The Hub will be holding its fourth annual Intake to The Hub. The idea is to support promising students and recent alumni in the creation of successful startups.
You can qualify for seed funding of up to $7,000 for your startup. This year, The Hub has up to $42,000 available to award to promising U of T entrepreneurs. See details below, for criteria and requirements of awards.
You are free to work with us prior to November 10, to have us help you shape your materials for submission. In fact, we encourage you to come to The Hub as early as you can – both to take advantage of our workshops and also to get our advice in advance of preparing your submission materials. The best time to come and see us is now.
Participants who are interested in creating a startup should know from the outset, that unlike the Dragons’ Den TV show and other incubators and accelerators, The Hub does not take an equity stake in your idea. It’s simply an intake to The Hub to get you started. That said, it is also not just pie in the sky. Your ability to do what you intend, your passion for your idea, and the capability of your team will prove vital. You will need to convince the judges that you indeed can do what you propose!
Please note: being chosen for intake to The Hub earns your team a seat in facility, along with funding – residency will be required, meaning that funds may not be taken elsewhere, and the releasing of funds is linked to startup performance.
  • Buy a free ticket on Eventbrite prior to November 1, 2018: * required
    • Please buy a free ticket for each member of your team (helps with food planning)
  • Having bought a ticket you should receive an email from The Hub (sent manually, not automatically) that asks for you to submit several documents
    • Email confirmation, *required
    • Hub Intake form, *required
    • Business Model Canvas, *** if available
    • Budget in brief, * required
  • Once entered — send a copy of your slide deck by November 1, 2018 to, * required
    • Please prepare 10 essential slides using PowerPoint that give an overview of your proposed startup; your submitted slides will be used for evaluation.
      • Elevator slide
      • Describing the Problem slide
      • Outlining the Value Proposition slide
      • Detailing How You Are Different
      • Competitive Context
      • The Business Model
      • Your Marketing Plan
      • Your Team and Skills
      • Your Timeframe
      • Closing slide
  • Once entered, and your documents received, you will be reviewed for acceptance* required
  • Attend the UTSC Startup Intake on November 10, * required
    • A presentation to the judging panel will be required
      • Length of the presentation will be decided closer to the date, but as of the date of this posting, please prepare a 7-minute presentation.
    • A Q&A will follow your presentation
      • Length of the Q&A will be decided closer to the date, but as of the date of this posting, it is anticipated to be a 3 minute Q&A session.
  • Your presentation, along with your Powerpoint submission, will be used to evaluate how committed you are to begin your startup, your intake into The Hub, and the degree of funding awarded.
  • Those accepted for intake into The Hub will be notified at the event.
Criteria and Requirements of Awards
  • Awards are issued to startup founders, as stipendiary awards; the amount is $2,250 per undergraduate student, $3,500 per graduate student, and $3,500 per recent alumni, up to a maximum of $7,000 per startup.
  • Residence in The Hub is a requirement of the award, meaning that a startup needs to take residence in The Hub, meet with its coaches on a regular basis, and take part in events of The Hub, as part of its community.
  • Awards may be divided into more than one payment, and the full amount of the award may be reduced if a startup abandons their project or fails to make significant progress towards completion of key goals, as specified:
    • Registering their business
    • Branding their identity
    • Completion of Business Plan
    • Completion of Wireframe (if software) or Outline of Minimum Viable Product or Service (if not software)
    • Completion of Market Validation
    • Completion of Market Research
    • Attending key workshops and events.
  •  All projects are to reach a completion of key goals by end of August 2019.
  • Individuals are eligible to receive funding if they were/are enrolled as full-time students at University of Toronto: Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018, and/or Fall 2018.
  • At least one member of the startup team must be a U of T Scarborough current student or recent alum, up to two years from graduation.
  • All stipend recipients must be under 30 years of age (a stipulation of The Hub’s grant funding, not The Hub itself).
  • Startups must fit within the overall mission of the University of Toronto and The Hub.
    • An example of a startup that would fit within that mission is one that is engaging in applied research, or applied humanities, e.g. a startup looking to monitor environmental conditions, or a startup aiming to create a media company, agency, or arts business.
    • An example of a startup that would not fit within that mission is one that is engaged in unethical behaviour or behaviour that the University would choose not to support, e.g. an app that encourages online gambling, escort services, or drug and alcohol consumption.
  • Startups may be either “for profit” or “not for profit” but they must be ideas that want to launch a idea as either a product or service of some kind.
  • Startups may be either “scalable” or “sustainable” to qualify for support.
  • Startups must present as part of the University’s Startup Showcase.
  • Startups must allow the University to promote them via social media channels and online communications, so long as it does not violate or threaten their unique startup advantage, i.e. such communications will not reveal its “secret sauce.”
  • Startups who previously received funding via the U of T Entrepreneurship community, or previously from The Hub, are disqualified from receiving further funding from The Hub.
  • Startups that have successfully qualified for UTSC Startup
  • (have confirmed participation and returned the Hub Intake form)
  • BlumeX
  • CheaprEats
  • Cyberify
  • Febbit Inc.
  • Food Plaza
  • Hangry Food
  • KAMI Studios
  • Illustrious Comics (iComics)
  • Life On HiFi
  • LoneWolf – A GeoSpatial Data Management System
  • ManageUN
  • Natural Organic Matter (NORM)
  • Patent Licensing Project
  • Quikbites
  • Unified Lifestyle Brand


  • Check back here periodically for details, guidance, and advice. Details are subject to change.
    First published April 1, 2018
  • Last updated October 20, 2018