Here’s What You Might Have Missed at Our Latest Workshop!

On Thursday, October 4th, The Hub at UTSC held an event all about social entrepreneurship. The event started off with the director of The Hub, Professor Gray Graffam, giving a presentation on what exactly a social entrepreneur does, followed by a quick Q and A with social entrepreneur and 1st year UTSC student, Sam Demma.

Sam became a social entrepreneur because he has a passion for keeping the environment healthy and inspiring others to make a change in the world. He is a co-founder of Pickwaste, a company that hosts events where people gather to make a difference by picking up waste in Pickering and Scarborough.

Shortly after the learning what it means to be a social entrepreneur, attendees were given a chance to come up with ideas of their own. They were encouraged to form groups based on a shared passion (such as healthcare) and given a large whiteboard to brainstorm ideas of their own. The groups then worked together, bouncing ideas off each other, to narrow down their more generalized topic to a specific concept for a potential business.
To help the groups come up with ideas, Business Advisor at The Hub, Donovan Dill gave a short explanation of some strategies for social enterprise. One participant commented that he enjoyed the challenge of coming up with solutions to new problems.

A favourite part of the event for multiple students was when we all took a short break for dinner. Not only was the food delicious (and free), but the opportunity for networking was really fun! Current members of The Hub were there to answer questions and get to know, potential members were sharing ideas with each other, and, of course, Gray and Donovan were there as well to get to know more about The Hub and the many opportunities it offers. At any given time during the meal, everyone was engaged in some kind of conversation, ranging from personal conversations about school to entrepreneurial ideas and anything in between!

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                        — story by Amanda Taylor, Social Media Specialist, The Hub