Sebastian Alvarado and Varun Sharma – two software engineering students at UTSC – formed QwikCommerce in 2017. QwikCommerce is a tech platform designed to evolve and simplify the international trading process between South American suppliers and North American merchants. The idea for this company was generated when Varun and Sebastian compared notes on supply and demand issues in South America; Sebastian offered considerable insight from his business and family connections in Ecuador and Colombia. Together, they brainstormed QwikCommerce as a business that leverages their insight, along with their profound capabilities in ecommerce and software development.

Varun and Sebastian have worked hard for the past couple of months to maintain the success of their start-up. One of their early accomplishments as owners of QwikCommerce was earning a space in The Hub in 2017 with seed funding of $7,000. This has provided them with the exceptional opportunity of building their business, as well as a chance to further develop their essential core entrepreneurial skills.

Currently, as an ambassador for more than 20 South American suppliers, Varun and Sebastian are focused on building strong business relationships interested in this import/export sector. Their goal is to expand QwikCommerce to assist 50 suppliers overseas and link them with North American merchants.

QwikCommerce provides merchants with on-site inspections in South America to ensure everything is on track, with fast shipment times. It also provides suppliers with an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to manage resources and enhance their online presence.

The Hub has assisted Varun and Sebastian in several ways to establish the success of their start-up. Their company has received funding, workspace, and continuous support through mentorship and coaching sessions. As Varun and Sebastian expand their business, The Hub will continue to provide them with the tools and resources to develop their business further.

Article by Praveena Vivegananthan

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/QwikCommerce/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/QwikCommerce/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qwikcommerce

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