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In 2017, Tiegh Fitzgerald and Jazmine Scott formed Eastbound Comedy Theatre – a company that specializes in improvisational comedy. Improvisational (improv) comedy is a form of unscripted theatre where performers deliver new and spontaneous content every time. After years of experience in improv, Tiegh and Jazmine decided it was time to combine their interests together to build a creative business.

Eastbound Comedy’s main purpose is to put on improv performances in the Eastern GTA (Scarborough and Durham region). Their dream is to someday have their own venue – a theatre where live performances can be presented, along with food and refreshment, similar to a Yuk Yuk’s or Second City.

Aside from their core objective as performers, Tiegh and Jazmine intend to offer workshops and training sessions at schools, businesses, and private events to teach people the essential skills of improv such as cooperation, quick thinking, creative problem solving, confidence and public speaking.

Tiegh and Jazmine’s initiative has been a successful, thus far. Their hard work and resilience throughout the years have been acknowledged through multiple accomplishments. In 2017, Eastbound Comedy was awarded a coveted placement in The Hub at U of T Scarborough – along with $7,000 of seed funding made available by the Ontario Centres of Excellence and U of T’s Provost’s Office. They have also performed at UofT’s Comedy Festival, taught improv at Seen X Scene Entertainment, and headlined at Open Mic Night hosted by UTSC’s Drama Society.

Currently, Tiegh and Jazmine are working on developing Eastbound Comedy’s online presence through its website and social media. They have their hearts set on creating their own space as the go-to place for comedy in the Eastern GTA.

The Hub has been a great source of support for Eastbound Comedy. From helping create a business plan to one-on-one mentorship sessions, the staff at The Hub have provided Tiegh and Jazmine with the required resources to help them succeed in forming their business. The Hub continues to assist Tiegh and Jazmine to further develop their business and accomplish their long-term goals.

We look forward to seeing what’s in store for Eastbound Comedy in the near future.

Instagram: @eastboundcomedytheatre

Article by Praveena Vivegananthan

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